Kyriaki and Daniel’s – Columbus Reception at The Bluestone

Kyriaki and Daniel  had there wedding out of state, so Daniel’s folks thought it would be fun to hold a separate reception in Ohio so everyone could celebrate their wedding! Can’t have much more fun than hanging out at The Bluestone (formerly BOMA) on a Beatiful Friday evening.

The event started out with cocktails on the Patio, under a brilliant blue sky. As the sun went down, guests inside for dinner and general merriment. =]

We also brought with us a “Pop-up Studio”, which is our answer to offering a photobooth type experience, but with actual prints, and QUALITY lighting. Every time we do something like this there is always a long line, and that night was no different. Guests had a blast!

For dessert, they had a Smores Station, which looked fantastic and was another big hit of the evening.

Enjoy some of my favorites from the night below. =]


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Baby Reagan

Baby Reagan came in for a photo shoot a couple weeks ago and I had this cool idea for this shot after seeing this amazingly cool bowl from Restoration Hardware. We had a hard time getting him to fall asleep, he was just too interested in being in the studio for the first time! But when we finally did get him to close his eyes I grabbed this shot of him.

I used several shots that I took after he left to composite together all of the moss, and played around with the image in PS till I got it to where I was happy with. The final version ended up being 40 layers, and 3.9 GB!

Without much further ado…Baby Reagan!

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Kelly and Aaron | 06.23.12 | Feature Film

A few weeks ago we got to be a big part of Kelly and Aaron’s wedding – we had the privilege of doing both the Photography AND the Cinematography for their beautiful day. And was it ever a beautiful day! Check out their Feature Film below. Watch for the moving moment where Kelly’s Dad sees her for the first time in her dress, and especially watch till the end for what has to be the BEST GARTER REMOVAL EVER. =]

And here are some of my favorite images from their wedding, there are plenty more to come soon!

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Jill and Mike | 06.13.12

Saturday I headed up to Cleveland for Jill and Mike’s wedding in Cleveland, Ohio. I left Columbus bright and early around 7:30am and headed north. Both Jill and Mike were getting ready downtown at the Hyatt, which was GREAT because the Metro Library is literally right across the street and I knew I would want to take them there for pictures – and I’m glad I did!

Jill and Mike are one of the most fun couples I’ve worked with in a long time, they are ALWAYS smiling at each other and laughing with each other! It made seeing the love they have for one another so wonderful. =]

Here are a just a couple from their wedding, A LOT more to come soon, but here is just a taste!



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Teaser from yesterday’s shoot with Senior Rep Landen Gruszewski

Got to shoot Landen’s Senior Pics yesterday! We met up downtown Columbus for his session, and spent a couple hours going around getting some really cool shots. He brought his gear with him so we could get some Sports Illustrated type images, which is always fun. We drove past this cool glazed brick wall that I thought would work well for it – took some time to set up the lighting and had it nailed right from the beginning. Showing Landen the image on the back of the camera, his response was “WHOA, that’s cool! It looks like it was taken in the studio or something” I smiled and nodded, thinking to myself, “Yeup, that’s the idea!”

Landen’s a Senior at Hilliard Davidson – plays Hockey and Lacrosse – and looks like a bad ass in this shot! =]

Senior Rep Landen Gruszewski

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